Stressed Out? IGNITE’s New & Improved Vape Pens Deliver

The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these items, and they are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These items aren't meant to be taken as dietary supplements. We're all seeking anything that can help us get through these rough times, and that's where IGNITE's new CBD vape pens come in. We're launching a completely new disposable CBD vape line with upgraded hardware.

Broad Bandwidth

Vape Pens with 150mg CBD Broad Spectrum

Our Broad Spectrum vape pen is a brand-new product category. We developed this pen to be the next generation of disposables with a ceramic heating element, stainless steel internals, elegant dimensions, and a glass to see the valuable oils. Aluminum tubes and PCTG food-grade material make up the pen itself. It features a 0.3mL capacity and a 3.5V battery. It can handle thicker liquids and is available in three flavors to match our wide range of drops:
  • Terpenes of Energy - notes of sweet, creamy citrus with a mint aftertaste
  • Terpenes of Focus - notes of sweet, creamy citrus.
  • Lavender, tangy fruit and hops mingle with calm terpenes.
Our new vape pens are all produced with CBD distillate terpenes, so you know exactly what you're receiving, whether you're searching for Energy, Focus, or Calm. IGNITE's patented terpene blends deliver roughly 1MG of cannabis in a delectable mix of natural tastes in a single 3-second puff. It features iconic proportions and an opulent design. This vape offers smooth and delectable hits because it's created with no cutting agents (only distillate) and a specific terpene combination. On this baby, we used auto-draw technology, and you'll notice that it also affects specific (Energy, Focus or Calm). It's ISO 19075-certified for dependability and has CE certification. CBD distillate and terpenes are the only ingredients in this unique vape mix. In IGNITE's revolutionary new disposable vape pen hardware, this is the first of its kind CBD vape that doesn't contain fillers or cutting agents. This vape includes a wide range of cannabinoids in addition to CBD. Through an entourage effect, the cannabis is amplified by a mixture of various plant chemicals.


Vape Pens with 150mg CBD Isolate

IGNITE's new CBD Isolate Vape Pen [which comes in IGNITE's greatest flavors like Pink Chill, Mango, Tropical Fruit, and Blood Orange] features updated and enhanced technology for premium vaping experience. Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, CBD Isolate, and natural flavors are among the constituents in these pens. This pen is an aluminum tube with PCTG food-grade material, just like our other new models. It has a 1mL capacity and is powered by a 3.5V battery, and it is CE-certified as well. The Isolate version has the same appearance as the broad spectrum version but is somewhat longer and better adapted to handle CBD Isolate. What can you expect now that you have this little one in your arms? The elegant design contains IGNITE's exclusive flavors and provides 1MG of CBD per three-second puff, ensuring the premium experience we're known for. It also features auto-draw technology and has passed ISO 19075 quality testing. We've also included some new goods, ranging from drops to lip balm, which you can find here. You can breathe a sigh of relief with our three new pens, then inhale some CBD goodness for your mood since you might need it right now. Remember to keep your distance from others, stay inside, and stay safe. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy IGNITE CBD with our new and improved vape pens while you're at it!

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